From my recent affair with a special city which the Mayor aptly boasts is “Poor but Sexy”

Stirring up conversation with strangers

Sitting in cafes for piled high brunches yet secretly just enjoying the people watching

Dreaming up projects canal side with friends

Attending bustling market of fresh produce, Turkish salads, Germanic organic breads, and artisan crafts and so much more…

Dancing throughout the evening for 5 Rhythm Dance night with 20 bustling souls

Impromptu midnight Indonesian soup with new friends

Metro riding in the subway service called “spaghetti” for its random seemingly unplanned mapping

Stumbling upon treasures . . .

Music Jams on bridges

Cultural Community centres

Social enterpraneur hubs – Impakt Berlin Space

Bikes Co-ops

Boat squats for theatre performances

energized by the spontaneous and chaotic spaces we find in such cities I call upon you to help illuminate everyday spaces which are beautiful and provocative.  Let’s makes cities our playgrounds for exploration and interaction. Let’s push beyond the boundaries to stimulate these spaces and use them as the labs they are – for imagination, connection, compassion, melody, and love to be aired!

Can you share a story . . . What do you love about a city?