Sophia is a Canadian born community designer and organizer of creative participatory transformation projects in Cuba, Honduras, Canada, and Sweden.  With a background in international development and urban design, Sophia finds passion invigorating a sense of play, engagement, and proaction into daily life through research, and interactive processes and projects.

She has worked with organizations such as Cities and Environment Unit, the Planning & Design Centre, New Earth Institute, the Hub Halifax, Nova Scotia Environmental Network, and the Canadian International Development Agency.  Sophia is drawn to connect people, innovative ideas and projects to ignite a culture of collaboration towards resilience.

In Honduras, Sophia worked alongside Honduran Committee for Action and Peace (COHAPAZ) which connects 30 urban shantytown communities.  As a Sustainability Officer her role was planning and facilitating environmental and health related workshops for participant community members. In introducing appropriate technologies such as urban gardens, rain water catchment systems, and solar ovens adapted to the local needs local capacity is being built making food sovereignty, self-sufficiency and social, environmental, artistic expression reality. 

In Halifax Sophia always took the opportunity to test out various forms of creative engagement projects such as  public art competitions and installations, city forums, neighbourhood design charettes, world cafes, interactive  cardboard cities and exhibitions, conferences, gatherings, ‘Displays of Affection‘, etc).

Driven to understand the science based approach and proccess design tools Sophia was driven to pursue a a Masters in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden.  Currently, she is completing her thesis where she is working with three other team members researching how to support and enable communities to create collaborative services that move society towards localized economies and bioregional resilience.